Worldwide Premiere: The Ghost Wolves – ‘Strychnine In My Lemonade’

  • The Ghost Wolves - 'Strychnine In My Lemonade' (Hound Gawd Records)

Grrrls With Guitars is proud to debut this pulverising new single and video from Austin, TX Garage-punk rockers The Ghost Wolves.

The guitars slide in like they are racing cars cornering loudly on a racing track in classic garage punk style, as thumping tom tom heavy drums chant in the intro. Incandescent sugary sweet vocals puncture the gritty dirty haze of sound created by drums and guitars as Carley Wolf makes her presence known. It’s fucking beautiful.

Awakened early in the morning, I’ve been up all night
No, I ain’t been sleepin, something creeping in my mind all night
Keep the light on, shadows crawlin up the wall
Something here’s gone all wrong
I don’t like it, I can’t trust it at all
I aint drinkin it’, strychnine in my lemonade
Feels like I’m being followed
Your face is clear as day
Thunder roaring in the distance
Gotta get away, gotta get away
Keep my eyes open – or I mgiht get mauled
I’ll pounce before you see me
HA – I’ll be laughing, I’ll be laughing as you fall
I aint drinking it, strychnine in my lemonade
 Carley Wolf geeked out with me about her guitar rig and how she got that delicious guitar sound on ‘Strychnine In My Lemonade’:
 “I recorded this track on a three string guitar. It’s a standard 6 string guitar without the three top strings. I used a drop D tuning, with a capo on the second fret, to bring it up to E A E. I like the tonal simplicity that 3 strings lends itself to and the low end I was able to get out of it. It was recorded through two guitar cabinets, a 1×15 and a 4×12 and I used two Musicman HD 130 tube amps from the 1970s. The high wattage and tubes gave me the power I needed to push the low end and they have a warm and fuzzy sound that you can’t get out of solid state amps.”
 When I asked Carley what advice she would give to beginner guitar players she said:
“I also play a one string guitar on several songs and I love it. When inspiration strikes, don’t be afraid to experiment and mix it up. Break the rules. Don’t be overwhelmed with technique, guitar playing is a lifelong learning process. You have plenty of time to become a shreddy krueger if that’s what you want, but it’s totally okay to keep it simple too. The main thing is to just do it and have fun with it.”
 The Ghost Wolves – ‘Strychnine In My Lemonade’ is Out Now on Hound Gawd Records. Buy it here.
Photo credit: Jacqueline Badeaux 2017, with permission.
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