‘The World Keeps Spinning’ – Natalie Joan (Hours Music Limited)

  • 'The World Keeps Spinning' - Natalie Joan (Hours Music Limited)


When I recently interviewed Natalie Joan for www.collapseboard.com, she told me that her new record had a “little bit of everything” in it… and she wasn’t wrong. Title track and first single from her forthcoming EP The World Keeps Spinning includes everything from an Eighties power balad-esque chorus, acoustic folk guitars and strings, all accompanied by Natalie’s unique pretty and husky vocals. It starts out quiet and simple, gradually building with tambourine percussion and simple acoustic guitar, before organs are added into the mix and then the drums kick in and the pace starts to build. “Oh what’s that you say / It’s all gone wrong / So make it right and move on / Leave it behind / You’ll be alright coz the world keeps spinning” I’ve been on many road trips with Natalie and this would be the perfect soundtrack to leaving our troubles behind, a sing-along tune for Thelma and Louise, except without that sticky ending that they had. Natalie Joan’s voice is husky and sweet, with a hint of modern blues to it and Eighties pop perfection on the chorus. Like a modern Sheryl Crow with country elements in the guitar sound and vocals. Then the strings chime in for a Verve-style crescendo as the song peaks and ends. It captures the euphoria of someone overcoming their problems. ‘The World Keeps Spinning’ is an anthem for the positive thinking the Secret generation. The whole thing ends with a bit of Classic Rock noodling and everything is again all right with the world.

‘The World Keeps Spinning’ by Natalie Joan is released digitally on Hours Music Limited on Amazon on November 7th 2016.


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