‘The Roses Courage’ – Kelli Frances Corrado (Flat Field)

  • 'The Roses Courage' - Kelli Frances Corrado

Kelli Frances tracked me down via twitter (@grrrlswithguita) to introduce me to her music. And I am so glad she did. Her sounds is so unique that I can’t compare it to anything else. Perhaps though, the vocals are a touch like Goldfrapp, but even so Kelli manages to sound even more ethereal and siren-esque. ‘The Roses Courage’ is the first single and video from Kelli Frances Corrado’s album Book Of Echoes, released on Flat Field earlier this year. The album itself is a concept record,

“each song is dedicated to an Arc angel and a personal healing lesson” says Corrado.

Corrado is a multi-instrumentalist who has collaborated here with Caitlin Olive on violin and Adrienne Davies on percussion. The beats on ‘The Roses Courage’ are Middle Eastern inspired.

 “It is a regenerative spell woven of feminist power incantations.” she says.

The video sets the perfect mood for the song, with it’s roses and haze of smoke. The theme is witchcraft and female empowerment. Kelli Frances Corrado takes centre stage in this ritualistic and symbolic video. There’s a powerful scene where Corrado’s being surrounded by The Skate Witches collective as she casts spells in a trance and they fly by on skateboards, violins playing on and the dominant thunder of the drums journeys us to altered states.

Book Of Echoes – Kelli Frances Corrado is out now on Flat Field Records.



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