Skating Polly – Queen For A Day – Review



‘Queen for a day’, from Skating Polly’s latest album ‘The Make It All Show’ got me really excited about the future of new music. The video starts with an American beauty pageant host introducing the contestants, plastic smiles and overly enthusiastic narcissism galore. It reminds me of the ‘In Bloom’ video in some ways, using irony to say a big fuck you to societal norms as everyone descends into the madness they’ve created.

As for the songwriting itself; awesome. They’ve found the sweet spot between grunge and punk, with obvious pop accessibility. Great melodies, refreshingly political and relatable lyrics, topped off with a badass heavy outro.

I saw Skating Polly a couple years back now while they were on tour supporting Babes in Toyland at Bristol Trinity, (and danced with Kelli if she remembers!).

As a two piece, their DIY punk ethic and natural talent shone through, while casually swapping between instruments. Now, as a three piece, its great to see that though they’ve developed immensely, Skating Polly still hold true to that raw, uncompromising power.

This single perfectly highlights how women are objectified and pitted against each other in order to feel like ‘Queen for a day’.


(C) Sophia Barnes 2018

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