Buy Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic Guitar in Silver Sparkle (Like a Famous Feminist Pop Star’s) £229.00



Buy Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic Guitar!

This beautiful Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic Guitar reminds us of an extremely famous outspoken feminist American Pop Star and icon currently making music today. I believe her’s is a custom made guitar, but here you can get the same look and sound and on a budget that will suit you. I haven’t personally tested the Pixie Acoustic, but I do own the Pixie Electric-Acoustic and it’s my favourite guitar in my collection at the moment. I have eight guitars (I gave one away since writing this article.) Daisy Rock is my favourite guitar brand as they combine feminine style with decent quality plus amazing physical attributes that enables the best playability if you are a woman with small hands who favours a lightweight guitar that prevents back ache and eases carrying. They also have a really beautiful tone.

“The Pixie Acoustic guitar is a full scale instrument designed especially for girls. This dazzling sparkle-finished guitar is lightweight and it sounds great! It features Daisy Rock’s trademark “Slim & Narrow” neck which makes it easier for girls with smaller hands to play. Its durable composite oval back and spruce top produce a rich tone, and its slightly smaller sized body fits girls just right, making it extremely comfortable to play. All Daisy Rock guitars include a limited lifetime warranty, arrive set up, and are ready to play. What are you waiting for-get your Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic guitar today, and start rocking the world!” From Amazon UK.

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