Buy Riot Grrrl Sticker Set by Look Human $10.00


Stick these riot grrrl stickers all over your guitars and amps! Revolution grrrl style now!

“Let the world know you are a raging feminist who cannot be stopped. This sticker collection features various feminism themed designs including “Pro-choice, Pro-feminism, Pro-cats,” “Who Needs Nice Guys When You Can Have Nice Fries,” “Don’t Tell Me To Smile,” “Fuck Your Patriarchal Bullshit,” and “She Wants The Destruction of the Patriarchy.” These fun feminine stickers are perfect for decorating notebooks where you can write your feminist manifesto.” by Look Human.

Our 8″ x 10″ Sticker Sheets are printed on gloss-white vinyl with weather-resistant ink. The waterproof vinyl and permanent adhesive of these stickers allow for both indoor and outdoor placement. Adhere stickers to a smooth, dry surface for best results. Printed in the USA.

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