Buy Courtney Love Guitar Picks 5 Pack by Printed Picks £4.99


Courtney Love Guitar Picks!

I adore Courtney Love, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter with Grunge band Hole. She is the reason I started playing guitars and drums (alongside her deceased husband Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.) She is one of the first women I ever saw being openly angry in the media and badly behaved, stepping out of the confines of the roles that society sets for women. I don’t personally use guitar picks, I prefer to just use my nails and fingers, but most guitarists I know used picks (aka plectrums) and so I thought I would recommend these Courtney Love print ones. It’s one of my favourite photos of Courtney Love and fans of Hole will love these guitar picks! They are in a Medium thickness.

“Real premium celluloid 0.71mm (medium) thickness.  Durable image printed in full colour at high resolution with the latest digital printer. Not only do they look good but they can be used to play the guitar.” From Amazon UK.

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