Peaness – ‘Ugly Veg’ (Alcopop)

  • Peaness - 'Ugly Veg' (single review)

I close my eyes and drift away
Off to a place where I feel safe
Cos all I see is make believe
I try my best but it gets to me

Caught in this misery
I wear my heart upon my sleeve
This can’t be our destiny
But it very well may be

I look around, how are they proud?
Don’t make a sound, up from the ground
Another day we throw away
While others pray for the rain to stay

What do we hope to achieve?
It’s such a harsh reality
Stuck on the outside
I want to cry

What a waste
Same taste

I want to see oceans clean
I want the world to stay green

Ugly veg
Ugly veg

Chester based pop band Peaness are back with another fantastic single taken from their Are You Sure? EP (which I have on vinyl because it’s so good.) Here they take on the environmental issue of global food waste, starvation in places such as Africa and the insanity of a culture that throws away what is deemed to be “ugly veg.” We get “caught in this make believe” world where all fruit and veg looks a certain way, ie. unnaturally perfect. And this is the world we are presented with and often don’t question. I first heard about ugly veg when the supermarkets in France started selling it at a cheaper rate than the pretty veg. Up until that moment, I have to admit, I just thought all fruit and veg was uniformed in the way it grew. Even as someone who grew up in the countryside. Well Peaness are blowing the whistle on this whole crock of shit. Exposing the truth of this “harsh reality.” All delivered in their customary sunshine pop with sugar sweet vocal harmonies and upbeat drums and guitar melodies. This is powerful pop with style, substance beautiful melody and pea politics.

Peaness – ‘Ugly Veg’ is Out Now on Alcopop records available here.


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