PARLOUR – ‘Forgive Forget’

  • PARLOUR - 'Forgive Forget' (single review)

[Please be warned that the following video contains strobes.]

I know next to nothing about PARLOUR, but am not letting that stop me from featuring their brand new single on the blog. [Please be warned that the video contains strobes.] When singer Angela Won-Yin Mak contacted me on twitter (@grrrlswithguita) to play me the track, I loved it. I asked if there was a video to go with and at that time, they were in the process of creating one. Watching it just now, there is no doubt in my mind that it belongs on GRRRLSWITHGUITARS. The perfectly powerful moving image of Angela Won-Yin Mak rocking out on her guitar and singing with a face covered in glitter couldn’t be more in sync with this blog. The brooding dreaminess of the music, the effortless cool. The searing crescendo as the song peaks, guitars cascading over the top in a beautiful dark cacophony. It’s the perfect song for ushering in the new season with, leaves about to fall and nights drawing in.


PARLOUR – ‘Forgive Forget’ is out now! Buy it here.

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