An introduction to Guten Birds

It’s not every day something like this drops into your twitter inbox and today is a good day already. Thanks to @IrascFckBrigade for the tip off about Guten Birds, a band from South Korea. A bit like when I had the challenge of reviewing Adwaith, whose music is sung in Welsh, I find myself up against the same language barrier here, or maybe they are singing in English but I can’t make out the words? Either way, the music speaks for itself and it speaks loudly. The bassline on ‘Rolling In The Air’ is immense, yet understated. I love it instantly. Watching the video reminds me of my days as a drummer in a New Wave Grunge band in Manchester in the Mid-Two-Thousands. All that was great about being in a band, the magic and the identity and the inspiration. The sound we used to create together out of nothing. Guten Birds are masters of (or should that be “mistresses” of?) mood and soundscapes. I’m elevated out of the mundane as I listen. There is a hopefulness in the sound and a wistfulness. It’s making me feel nostalgic, yet it sounds modern and contemporary. The apparent simplicity… yet when all ingredients come together it’s not so much simplicity as elegance. I was initially going to just review ‘Rolling In The Air’… but then I realised that I so badly wanted to share with you the following video… if only for the headgear. No one should be able to pull off looking cool with a stuffed toy shark on their head. But damn it, I want one now too.

So I will leave you with this:

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