Courtney’s Love for the Fender Squire Venus Guitar


Courtney Love’s favourite guitar over the years appears to be the Fender Squire Venus. She has been seen playing this guitar in many live performances and videos. She has had this guitar in many different colours too. Most famously the beautiful Surf Green (pictured above.) It’s no surprise that Courtney Love has favoured the Fender Squire Venus, given that she actually co-designed it with Fender Squire. *Although there is some dispute about whether she truly had a hand in designing this to the degree that has been promoted.tumblr_obb95bdwpj1qa09rfo1_500

Also known by the name Fender Vista Venus, this guitar was released in 1997. I would say this guitar is to Hole fans what the Jag-Stang is to Nirvana fans. (That’s the guitar that Kurt Cobain designed. It’s also played by Katie Monks of Dilly Dally.) In fact, I can’t believe I don’t own one of these, given that I have been OBSESSED with Hole and Courtney Love since I was fourteen. I guess they must be collector’s items now as they were discontinued a year after their release.

Although female guitarists have come a long way since the Nineties, especially in terms of visibility, back in 1997 Courtney Love was one of only two musicians to have her own signature series of guitars.

Another staple from Courtney Love’s guitar collection is the Mercury. You can see the similarities between the shape of  it and the Fender Squire Venus. It also has things in common with the Stratocaster and Rickenbacker.

20chix-courtneylove1995_lovepg-vertical In a beautiful collision of style and substance, Courtney Love is the person who originally gave me a taste for beautiful guitars. She showed me how feminine a guitar can be and how inclusive they can be for women and grrrls like me. They are not just for boys. They are not toys either. Courtney Love paved the way for other women to follow in her footsteps. I somewhat doubt that brands such as Luna guitars and Daisy Rock would have existed without the women rock stars like Courtney Love. It’s thanks to the likes of Courtney that we have more choice as female rock musicians and grrrl guitarists today.


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