Courtney Barnett’s Exciting Announcement!

After Courtney Barnett’s exciting announcement of a North American and European tour ahead of her 3rd studio album release, I saw a fitting opportunity to pay homage to an artist that has become an intrinsic part of my playlists. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the Australian artists pensively pioneering sounds.

I was first introduced to Courtney Barnett’s iconic sound through stumbling across her music video for Pedestrian at Best on YouTube. From the first moment I heard her angsty pensive aural alchemy I knew that her sound would become a pivotal part in my playlists. Courtney hasn’t just made waves with her music, it’s more a tsunami of sound that can only be described as a chaotic ensemble of excellence. Her lyrics are delectably playful, she contrasts her feminine angst with her quaint style to create a sound that’s refreshingly organic. Plus, her passionately penned lyrics are pretty damn catchy and instantly relatable once you get your head around the metaphors and the ingenious vocabulary.

The sounds in her debut album Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit are eclectic, the instrumentals move between 90’s grunge and shoegaze disordered distortion. There’s nothing worse than enduring a monotonous album where you can’t distinguish one song from the next, but Courtney has managed to incorporate a mix of sounds into her album that take you through a whirlwind of her own emotions. There’s a subtle note of disdain present in each of the tracks, provided by the vocals, yet, it’s far from the depressive apathy you can revel in the melancholy and become uplifted, thanks to Courtney’s eccentricity. Perhaps what I admire most about Courtney Barnett, is the fact her music serves as an open window to her anxiety.

Alongside Pedestrian at Best which was also released as a single back in 2015, the album features a 7-minute instrumental heavy track which boasts the richest cacophony of noise I’ve ever experienced. The relentless instrumental turbulence is almost hypnotic. It is in tracks such as Small Poppies that Courtney’s band showcase their rare talent through their synchronicity, it’s captivating to hear the squeaky clean upbeat riffs of the guitar contrasted against the heavy reverberating distortion of the bass.

It’s pretty rare to find an album and decide that it’s going to be part of your life from the first time you hit play, yet that is exactly what happened with Sometimes I Just Sit, where every track has a way of lingering with you long after they’ve faded out.

Since her debut album saw her doused in her deserved notoriety, Courtney teamed up with Kurt Vile to create her second studio album Lotta Sea Lice released in October 2017, which proved to be just as mesmerising as her first release .

Courtney’s new album Tell Me How You Really Feel is due for release on 18th May 2018, available NOW to pre-order from

The first leg of her international tour will kick off in Fort Worth, TX on April 29th and conclude on July 28th, 2018. Tickets for her tour will go on general sale from February 24th, 2018 it promises to be a sold-out tour. I wouldn’t hang around in grabbing yourself tickets.

Tickets can be purchased from her official website:


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