Are You There God? It’s Deathsex Bloodbath – Deathsex Bloodbath EP Review

  • Are You There God? It's Deathsex Bloodbath - Deathsex Bloodbath

Raucous guitars explode out of the speakers as Deathsex Bloodbath erupt into the first bars of call to arms ‘You Are Dead! We Are Deathsex!’, first track on Are You There God? It’s Deathsex Bloodbath. It’s the debut EP from Coventry’s horror-punk riot grrrl/boy post punk finest Deathsex Bloodbath. Combining electrifying guitar riffs, thumping trashy drums with the vocal duets of Switchblade and Sadogasm on ‘Been To Kettering.’untitled Third track ‘My Fingers Are Wet’ is my favourite track from the EP, “Yeah my fingers are wet / We’re crying independence / Yeah I did it on my own / Yeah I finished on my own / Yeah I did it on my own / Hence that my fingers are wet.” It’s tongue-in-cheek humour, but it’s nothing short of revolutionary in that it’s a song about the “independence” and being “like a suffragette” of female masturbation. Up next is the beautiful guitar sounds of ‘Real Dolls Destroy Humanity.’ It’s an ode to those creepy sex dolls that look “like something out of Metropolis.” It’s delivered in a vocal style by Switchblade that reminds me of Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s perfect. It sounds like Lou Reed has been resurrected on ‘The Scarlet Letters’ and I wouldn’t put it past them! Deathsex Bloodbath like to travel to other dimensions to “duet with themselves in a parallel dimension” after all. EP closer and modern underground classic for anyone lucky enough to have caught them live is highly offensive comedy track ‘Men.’ With it’s seductive muted guitar sound and Sororicide cursing out men “Pigs! Men are all pigs.” Somehow this beast of a track is catchy AF, just try not to get caught singing it. It’s a post-apocalyptic treat for modern times and would make an excellent stocking filler!


You can buy Are You There God? It’s Deathsex Bloodbath here.

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