Stop Press! Ani DiFranco is putting out an album… BUT… No I haven’t heard it…

This is probably going to shock you: I have never actually sat down and listened to Ani DiFranco. Yes, what kind of Riot Grrrl feminist am I?? But I don’t profess to know or to have listened to EVERYTHING. No one can do that. And I never wanted to create an elitist blog full of references that nobody gets but I condescend to imply that they SHOULD. OK OK, Ani DiFranco though. I get it. Shame on me. But anyway, let’s just side skip this awkward fact for a moment and share the important news. Because I am pretty sure an Ani DiFranco record is important news to GrrrlsWithGuitars readers.

With a reputation that precedes her, Ani DiFranco is known for her feminism, her entrepreneurship, her activism and her outspoken political lyrics. (Seriously, where have I been??) And now twenty-five years after she made her debut, she is back again with a brand new album called Binary. Ever the entrepreneur with the DIY spirit (DiFranco was one of the first artists to set up her own record label in 1990,) she is now crowdfunding Binary from PledgeMusic. Binary, she says, is named after the track:

“I always title a record from the song that seems to be at its core,” Ani says. “An underlying theme in the songs, and in the feminism I want to engage society with, is the idea that autonomy is a fallacy—nothing exists except in relationship to something else. We are, in some senses individuals with individual liberties and unique powers, but that’s only a surface story.”

Sample track ‘Play God’ can be streamed from the PledgeMusic site and though, written in 2016, prior to the Trump election, it discusses reproductive rights in the US. “I pay my taxes like a working man / I’ve earned my right to choose” DiFranco sings. It’s prophetic.



Ani DiFranco’s Binary is out 9th June to pledgers, so pre-order yours now.


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