Adwaith – ‘Pwysau’ Single Review

  • Adwaith - 'Pwysau'

adwaith As someone who grew up in North Wales and who learned Welsh in school, I am ashamed to admit that I had to call on good ol’ Google Translate to understand these lyrics… and they are beautiful. Adwaith is the name of the band and the word translates as “Reaction.” The song ‘Pwysau’ (translates as ‘Weight’) is two minutes of utterly beautiful post-folk stealing it’s vibe from Neil Young and combining it with Air to great effect. Sometimes (assuming you don’t speak Welsh), it is good to listen to a voice sing in a language you don’t understand and bliss out on the pure vibes of the song, unencumbered by the lyrical meaning… and sometimes (assuming you do speak Welsh), it’s nice to listen to a song in your native tongue. I for one am listening on repeat to this more-ish pretty pop song. Beautiful blissed out pop music of the post-folk persuasion from Wales, sung in native tongue by future of Welsh music.


Ca’ dy lygaid
Breuddwydia am anfeidredd
Os oes ofn arno ti, paid oedi
jwmpa mewn i’r gwely
gyda fi, gyda fi

Os ma pobol yn galw enwau
paid meddwl bod ti ar ben dy hun
os ma’r pwysau yn gormod i ymdopi dere,
ymlacio gyda fi
gyda fi, gyda fi

tin cofio’r bachgen o ti’n arfer ffansio
aeth e bant da Beca o Ty Croes
tin cofio faint mor ddigalon o ti
ond ‘drych fel ma bywyd yn mynd ymlaen, ymlaen, ymlaen
ymlaen, ymlaen

fi ‘llu gweld y tan yn dy lygaid
ond mae rhywbeth yn ei diffodd
mae’r cyfrinachau yn pwyso’n drwm ar dy ‘sgwyddau


 Translated from Welsh into English by Google:
Pwysau (Weight)

Get your eyes
Dream about infinity
If you fear you, do not delay
jump into bed
 with me, with me

If people are called names ma 
do not think you're alone  
The pressure is too much if coping dere,  
relax with me  with me, with me
tin remember the boy you used to fancy
Rebecca took it off well at Ty Croes
tin remember how much you are so depressingly
 but as a mirror ma life goes on, forward, forward
 forward, forward
i see the host until your eyes
 but something is switched off
 the secrets weighs heavily on your shoulders
Pwysau by Adwaith is out now on Decidedly Records. 


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