Adwaith – ‘Lipstick Coch’ and ‘Femme’ Double A Side (Libertino Records)

  • Adwaith - 'Lipstick Coch' and 'Femme' Double A Side (single review)

Adwaith are back, this time with double A Side singles ‘Lipstick Coch’ (Red Lipstick) and ‘Femme’ which takes on the patriarchy with their lyrics which challenge the validity of blaming girls for being a distraction to boys in the classroom and issues surrounding androgyny.

First up is ‘Lipstick Coch’ which translates as ‘Red Lipstick’… owing to it being sung in Welsh language, I initially don’t know what the song is about and am left to digest the sound of all the melodies made by guitars, basses and vocals… the press release describes it as being similar to the Slits, but I am personally hearing Courtney Barnett guitars akin to ‘Kim’s Caravan’ with their wistful dystopian air. The singer coos and sings with attitude like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. There’s also a jazzy upbeat element that reminds me of pop band Peaness. The sounds are layered and looped, creating an otherworldliness to proceedings.

Next up is ‘Femme’ which is sung in English language. It’s a protest song about the joys of misogyny in our society. The music is deceptively upbeat and cutesy considering the lyrics. Thundering drums lead the way. The tension created between the sarcasm of the lyrics and the “doo doo doo doo’s” and carefree air of the melodies. Adwaith are a band with hidden depths and three dimensions, not only nailing the catchy hook, but also making political points and delivering them in a disguised way that could result in the most hardened misogynist tapping their toes to the tune before the meaning dawns on them. “You’ve got to be able to change worlds” Courtney Love famously said about women in rock. And Adwaith are capable of that in my opinion.

‘Adwaith – Lipstick Coch’ and ‘Femme’ Doube A Side is released on 25th August 2017 on Libertino Records.

Adwaith are touring Wales, UK and here are the dates:

8th and 9th August, Tuesday, Wednesday, Steddfod Genedlaethol 8 Llwyfan y Maes, 9 Caffi Maes B

2nd September Big Cwtch Festival, Saturday

8th September, Friday, Festival No 6

9th September, Saturday, Syria SirGar gig Llanelli with Syrian musicians

16 September, Saturday, Indie Fest, Clwb Ifor Bach

30 September, Saturday, Riverfront Newport

7 October, Saturday, ‘The Future Is Female’, at Chapter in Cardiff

3rd November, Friday, Do Not Go Gentle Festival Swansea

8th December, Friday, Libertino Christmas Party, Clwb Ifor Bach Links



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