2 Makeup Looks Inspired By Globelamp

  • Urban Decay Moondust Pallete

After watching one too many Globelamp music videos, I decided I really wanted to get myself some glittery eyeshadow. Elizabeth Le Fey aka Globelamp as she’s known has the most amazing make up. I wanted to emulate her gold glitter eyeshadow and went off in search of it. The most obvious place to go for striking make up is Urban Decay. The brand is famous for their statement looks and creativity, making it currently my favourite make up brand for eye shadow. I bought the moondust palette as demonstrated in this video below. It’s just gorgeous! And there are so many colours to choose from that I found myself doing a new make up look every day. It’s nice to be inspired by an icon such as Globelamp and to then go off and do it your own way.

14568133_10154164850168042_7711907918463790296_n This look was created by using the shade Lithium from the Urban Decay Moondust palette, along with some other Urban Decay eyeshadows from the UD XX VICE LTD RELOADED palette. As you can see the main eyelid is covered in Lithium Moondust and it sparkles beautifully in the light. The outer crease of my eyelid is shadowed with Smog from the VICE LTD RELOADED palette, blending out to the shade Suspend just below my eyebrow. Beneath my eye I have a small line of the shade Twice Baked from the VICE LTD RELOADED palette, finished off by a little additional Lithium Moondust to catch the light. I also lined the inner water lines of my eyelid with a Boots No7 eyeliner pencil and completed the look with lashings of Dior Show Mascara in Black.

I love both of these palettes and I have a feeling I will get a lot of use out of both as the number of looks you can create with them are endless. Of course we are about to begin the party season and everyone loves a bit of glitter at this time of year, so there’s never been a better time to treat yourself.

The Moondust eyeshadows in the palette are more intensely pigmented than the single Moondust shadows that Urban Decay do. I prefer the ones in the palette for this reason. The single Moondust eyeshadows are really quite sheer and are better as a finishing touch to another eyeshadow. Although for this look I used eyeshadows from the VICE LTD RELOADED palette to compliment and blend out the Lithium Moondust, you could equally wear the Moondust by itself to great effect. I would advise using an eye-makeup primer though underneath to help it all stay in place and get the colours to pop. That’s what I have done in the photo above. Alternatively you can do as the woman in the video below and use an eyeliner pencil as a primer.

I tried out the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray because I thought it would help me to apply the Moondust Eyeshadows to the brush. I have seen countless makeup artists do this, but personally, when I tried it, it didn’t really work for me. The eyeshadow got sort of stuck to the brush and it didn’t help with anything. Another thing to add is that with the Moondust eyeshadows, I actually preferred applying the Moondust with my fingers. I used the Setting spray to finish and hold the glitter in place afterwards- though I am not sure it needed it. But I guess if you are going to a hot sweaty club then this would be a  product worth using.

14915479_10154164851828042_4592495284186224249_nFor this second look I have used the beautiful shade of Moondust called Galaxy. It is the most gorgeous oil slick colour that as you can see, compliments my hair and really stands out. In the inner corners of my eyes near by tear ducts I have used and amazing neon white colour called Roadstripe from the VICE LTD RELOADED palette. It really makes my eyes stand out and finishes off this deeply glittery look. Again, here I have lined my waterlines of my upper and lower eyelids with Boots No7 eyeliner pencil. This eyeliner is not bad, but I actually prefer the one that Urban Decay do when I tested it. I would have bought it too as the pigmentation is so deep and black, but I couldn’t justify doing that when I had only just bought the Boots No7 one. I love how this look sparkles in the light. I think it’s important to add some of the Galaxy Moondust to the bottom eyelid. Just below the eyeliner line. This really opens up the eyes and adds that extra wow factor to the sparkle. The lip pencil I used was Chanel in 98. A beautiful classic red. Again, this look was completed with a generous application of Dior Show Mascara- a long time favourite product of mine.


The Urban Decay Moondust Pallete can be found at Amazon along with many of the other products I have included in this review and tutorial.


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