Women in Music Industry Meeting Point

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Malicia Dabrowicz: “You know what we need? A place where we could find and exchange info and services of women in music biz… Just thinking.”

I was on twitter earlier when the subject of music industry networking for women came up… So I thought, we could either

a) Start a hashtag… #womeninmusic already exists and we could use that… or start another such as #womeninmusicbiz

b) Malicia could start a women’s music industry networking site.

c) I could offer up a page on my site where women could meet in the comments section. So I thought we could do that here.

If you are a woman in the music industry, comment below with your details and job titles. Are you a writer, songwriter, musician, promoter, venue owner, manager, tour manager, roadie, PR, producer, label owner, A&R? Let us know. Also get in touch with Hannah[at]grrrlswithguitars[dot][com] if you want me to do a spotlight feature on you and your work. We are here to inspire, educate and entertain after all.

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