Vulpynes – ‘Silica’ (single)

WARNING video contains strobes

Vulpynes are back with the blistering new single ‘Silica’- a riotous, raucous  2:24 of heavy af riffs,  shattering cymbals and pounding drums. Maeve Molly fronts the whole thing with a snarl and bile:

Silica she’s a household name / Can’t eat her she’s anti cake / Railroad do what they say / Everyone sucks harder on the take / Silica she’s a blindfold rape / Given away like snuff at a wake / Hollowed, followed / She’ll be your big miss steak / Silica I’m angry because I care / Silica I’m hungry oh don’t be scared / Silica I’m helping you make your name / Silica you’re bagged up and thrown away

As Maeve Molly says “It’s about how people use each other and how everything, even people, are viewed as disposable in today’s society.”


Vulpynes – ‘Silica’ is out NOW as a self released single and is available from iTunes here.


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