The Pearl Harts – ‘Hit The Bottle’ (Single Review)

  • The Pearl Harts - 'Hit The Bottle'


I first came across The Pearl Harts when they were supporting Le Butcherettes at Camden Underworld a couple of years ago. They set the stage alight with their guitar riffs and drumming that invoked a thunderous storm. This two-piece hard rock band from London really know how to rock. It’s easy to see why they got personally head hunted by Garbage to tour with them and how they ended up currently on tour in Europe, opening for Skunk Anansie.

‘Hit The Bottle’ takes no prisoners, starting as it means to go on, launching right in all drums and guitars. Kirsty’s vocal chants like a ragged-throated Juliette Lewis or Brody Dalle. So full of attitude. It’s all brooding guitars and sirens, reminding me of Deux Furieuses.

According to The Pearl Harts, the song is about:

“trying not to give into your vices but you’re always doing it…. debauchery, having fun,

playing shows…. giving into your dark side”.
 And we can’t argue with that. Any song that’s about going wild and playing out your debauched side gets my vote.
 Taken from their forthcoming debut album, to be released later this year, this song as well as the others on the record are a collaboration with producer Tobin Jones and Max Heyes. Screeching guitaroff_the_record_the_pearl_harts_marty_saleh-103 loops interplay with meaty riffs reminiscent of Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin, giving the song three dimensions. The drums never cease in their attack. Fans of The Kills, Slaves, Queens Of The Stone Age, Juliette and The Licks and Black Sabbath are in for a treat here with this powerful and beautifully rendered song. It’s the sound of being at a live gig, encapsulated in a record, of weaving your way through a crowd to get to the bar, of the music being so good that you can’t help but dance your way there. I can’t listen to The Pearl Harts without picturing Kirsty’s mop of cascading hair lighting up the stage as she head bangs along with the guitar riff she’s playing. Go see this band live NOW!
‘Hit The Bottle’ is available to buy from Amazon now.
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