Skating Polly – ‘Oddie Moore’ New Video Release!

  • Skating Polly - 'Oddie Moore'

Oklahoma step-sisters Skating Polly have moved to Tacoma, Washington- arguably their spiritual home, being loosely categorised as some sort of riot grrrl Grunge band (though they prefer the term Ugly Pop)- to bring us this amazing new video for ‘Oddie Moore’ from what appears to be their basement practice room. And I for one couldn’t be more excited! Many of you will know by now that Skating Polly are my favourite band, so when they release a video, it’s big news. They have got together again with their “partner in video crime” Dave Smith, who directed it among other Skating Polly music videos. And it looks like they are on a roll as they dropped the video on facebook earlier today, telling us that they are just two videos shy from completing one for every song on their fourth studio album the Big Fit, released last year. I do hope they make a video for the remaining two songs- then I can post them all as a visual album on here for you all to be wowed by. The video concept for ‘Oddie Moore’ may be simple, but it highlights what an amazing pair of performers Peyton Bighorse and Kelli Mayo are. I love how they dress as it’s a bit like my style and Peyton shines with her turquoise dyed hair and red dress. They weave their way through the basement and it makes you want them to throw a house party amongst the paper stars and music equipment. ‘Oddie Moore’ is a definite highlight from The Big Fit and it was long overdue a music video that did it justice and this is it. Enjoy.

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