Skating Polly collaborate on EP with Veruca Salt. Hear First Track ‘Hail Mary’ Here!

  • Skating Polly - 'Hail Mary' (single)

Skating Polly have blossomed and grown a LOT lately- adding their brother Kurtis Mayo to the line up (becoming a three piece) and now this: A collaboration on a brand new EP entitled New Trick, with Louise Post and Nina Gordon of 90s Alternative legends Veruca Salt.

‘Hail Mary’ is the first song the three piece plus Post and Gordon wrote for their new EP, aptly named New Trick. The sound has certainly progressed since last year’s long player The Big Fit. There is more emphasis on the Pop sound of their Ugly Pop dichotomy here. Peyton Bighorse’s guitars are prettier and daintier than ever before and the vocal production shimmers as Kelli Mayo fronts the song.

Kurtis’ minimalist drums combine with the guitars to create something hypnotic before the lush vocal melodies of the chorus kick in to satisfying conclusion before the song creeps back into it’s shell again. The vocal hook is caught in my head immediately and after just one listen I’ve got the song stuck in my head. It’s a song about being addicted to poisonous people according to the band.

The video is yet another collaboration with Dave Smith, Skating Polly’s go-to director. I love his videos so much and they are certainly part of why Skating Polly are my favourite band. In the video strange things are afoot… Kelli sits on a couch between two mannequins, who come to life, start painting portraits in the attic and wandering the drizzly spooky landscape of the Pacific Northwest. Peyton, Kelli and Kurtis get caught in the rain as this tongue in cheek horror show plays out.

I wasn’t sure what was going on when I heard Skating Polly were in the studio with Verruca Salt and now all has become clear, I can’t wait for more songs from the EP to drop if they are anything like ‘Hail Mary.’

 Preorder Skating Polly’s “New Trick” EP here.

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