Riot Grrrl Zine Riot Grrrl Zine Riot Grrrl Zine Riot Grrrl Zine Riot Grrrl Zine Riot Grrrl Zine Riot Grrrl Zine Riot Grrrl Zine


Hi there! I’m Hannah. Welcome to Grrrls With Guitars, the world’s fastest growing Riot Grrrl zine, dedicated to female rock musicians and aspiring grrrl guitarists and drummers.  Here you will find everything a grrrl needs to be inspired to buy and play guitar and to rock. We will take you through in depth buying guides for those searching for the perfect guitar, covering everything from technical details to how cool looking the guitar is. You will find interviews with inspirational women in the music industry, reviews of the latest female-driven rock music and plenty of cool ideas to get you started or help you progress on your guitar playing journey. There will be music and make up tutorials so you look good and sound good on stage. There is also a store/shop area where you can purchase things you have found useful or beautiful in the blog, so check that out!

The blog has gone from strength to strength since it’s first inception and we are now a fast growing international team of Riot Grrrl writers, expertly led by our Editor Amelia Vandergast. Should you feel inspired to write about Riot Grrrl and think you have what it takes to join our team, tweet us @grrrlswithguita on twitter or find us in our facebook group Here.



Riot Grrrl Zine