Rebel Girls: Good Night Stories

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls is the most important book that any parent with Riot Grrrl tendencies can have on their bookshelf or on their kid’s nightstand.  And it’s not just for Rebel Girls, as the title suggests but it is a book which tells us about 100 women from throughout history that we ALL need to know about.  So even if you haven’t got any children to buy for, then get this book anyway.

Photo by Stephanie Arteaga

The cover and illustrations are absolutely gorgeous (you might want to get an extra copy to make posters out of to decorate your home) and the writing is also beautiful.  These are stories that need to be told, that need to be passed from one generation to the next.  It is widely accepted these days amongst most feminist scholars that women have consistently been eliminated in the recording of history and their achievements have often been underrated or overshadowed by the achievements of their male counterparts.  This book goes some way to putting some of this right and we finally get to hear about some women who we may not have heard of otherwise.  The bitesize one-page stories are written so as to be accessible to even very young children but can equally be enjoyed by adults looking for a snippet of information about some of the greatest women the world has ever seen.

As a musician and music lover, my personal favourite entries are on classic rock musician Joan Jett, Afghanistan rapper Sonita Alizadeh whose tune “Brides for Sale” went viral on YouTube and Cuban drummer Millo Castro Zaldarriaga, who was told that she couldn’t play the drums because she was a girl but went on to have worldwide success as a musician.  The book also features well know politicians, writers, archaeologists, scientists, rulers, sailors, chefs, astrophysicists ….

Could it get any better?  Well, actually yes.  Part 2 is also now available.  For more information, have a look at their website

(C) Stephanie Arteaga, 2018

Stephanie Arteaga is a post-graduate student studying and blogging about the UK and Spanish Alternative Music scene and women in music as ‘Marina is Red’. She is one of the original 1990’s Riot Grrrls who plays a Rickenbacker Bass and screams very loudly.
Twitter: @marinaisred Instagram: Website: Facebook: @marinaisred


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