Queen Zee and the Sasstones – ‘Sass Or Die’

  • Queen Zee and the Sasstones - 'Sass Or Die'

As some of you may or may not know, GRRRLSWITHGUITARS started off as a Riot Grrrl night in Chester, UK. It grew into this blog and I haven’t looked back. When I was doing the promoting for that night, I had already booked all the bands when Zena Davine got in touch about her band asking to play. I told her that the line up was full and that I didn’t have any money left in the budget to pay for any more bands. It was important to me that the bands be paid. But when Queen Zee and the Sasstones offered to play for free, if I squeezed them onto the bill, then I could hardly say no really.

To say that the band have blossomed since that night would be an understatement. Zena Davine has since that time come out publically as transgender, celebrating with a TRANS POWER tattoo on her knee. It’s hard to accept sometimes, but some people are just simply cooler than you, and that’s what Zena is. Cool as fuck. She dyed her hair blue and owned her stages in a way that most front-women could only dream of doing. She invited me to be a part of this video, but I was busy. I wish I had cancelled whatever it was I was busy doing now. But I guess that wasn’t to be. And it’s not only Davine who has blossomed, the band itself has doubled in size, taking on two new members, the sound and live shows becoming ever more energetic. You feel like anything could happen next as you watch them.

So anyway, here they are in all their sassy glory. Sass or die.

‘Sass Or Die’ is Out Now and available from iTunes, Spotify and as a physical release.

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