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Buy Unleash Your Inner Money Babe!

Manifestation and use of the Law of Attraction is often derided and written off as ‘crazy’ ‘woo woo’ and discredited by male-centric Partiarchal ‘scientific’ narratives popular today. But the good news is, this divine feminine wisdom is coming back into our culture in a big way, ever since the Secret was released back in the late Nineties. The moverment is gaining momentum and women are at the front of this shift. The principles are also beginning to be recognised in male-terms via the lense of Quantum Physics as having a basis in scientific fact. For all you women and other readers, this book comes highly recommended to those of you into Law of Attraction Manifesting and deliberate creation with the Universe. It’s all about manifesting money! And money is empowering, especially to women! So let’s do this!

I have personally used this book (haven’t done the last four days of it yet) and have found it to be LIFE CHANGING and ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! I decided to set the target well above the suggested $1000 that the book claims to be able to get you to manifest. I set my target at £10,000 within the 21 days promised by the book. What actually happened was that I manifested $1000 on day 5… IN DOLLARS! ha ha The Universe IS precise! And over all I manifested £3,952.63 in extra money and I also manifested another course which is about manifesting wealth. Plus I didn’t finish the course yet, so who knows what more could come when I do! Safe to say this book works and is a very wise investment!

“Unleash Your Inner Money Babe is a workbook designed to help you let go of your past programming and limiting beliefs around money, and unlock the mindset of abundance and wealth. The workbook is designed to be a fun, exciting, truth-bomb packed 21 day challenge with the goal of manifesting $1,000 by the end of the 21 days. Kathrin guides you how to do this step-by-step with her “money babe actions” that allow you to tap into your innate ability to manifest money. Society wants you to think that money is hard. But the Universe is urging you to learn the truth about money. This workbook is your key to unlocking your natural money manifesting abilities that you didn’t know you had all along. After the challenge, you’ll never go back to struggling with money again. Ever.” From Amazon UK.

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