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The Secret is a very powerful book that serves as the perfect introduction to the Law of Attraction. The concept in a nutshell is that thoughts become things. Armed with this knowledge, you can really use it as a tool to help you take on the world. This is especially important for those of you feeling currently disempowered by the Patriarchy. This book shows you another way to be in the world. It’s backed by Quantum Physics. We live in a world of energy and frequency and vibration. This book explains how to start manifesting the life of your dreams, or even a free cup of coffee, by harnessing the power of this ancient wisdom and knowledge. If you think success is a fluke, this book is for you. If you want your band to break through to world fame, this book is for you. Or if you simply want to learn to play guitar and form a band, this book will help with that as well. You will discover also just why we feel it’s so important to spread the vision of female rock musicians, based on the simple yet powerful truth that “if you can see it, then you can be it.” This book also espouses ancient feminine wisdom that has largely been lost in modern westerm patriarchal societies, where ‘logic and science rule supreme’… this is a trip back to your inner knowing, to a magical experience of life and to the divine inside us all. Liberate yourself today and treat yourself to this life changing book. All my achievments in my life have been down to a combination of this knowledge put into practice combined with inspired action and hard work in all the right places. I now even have another business coaching people in how to best use the Law of Attraction in their lives. But the best place to start with this journey is by buying yourself a copy of the Secret and familiarising yourself with this life changing breakthrough inducing book available now at AmazonUK.

Pick up your copy of the Secret today and find out what all the successful people in the world have always known.

If you like the Secret you may also love Goddess Wisdom about ancient divine feminine practices and also The Universe Has My Back, a guide to building your trusting relationship with the Universe and also if you are in the mood to make some serious extra cash, I highly recommend Unleash Your Inner Money Babe!

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