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Buy your copy of Courtney Love The Real Story by Poppy Z Brite and dive into the world of one of rock music’s premier grunge goddesses! Courtney’s story is an inspiring one that can change your life. Trailblazing riot grrrl music in the Nineties Grunge Scene. Courtney showed us how it’s done. She inspired a generation.

I got this book for Christmas the year it came out. Up until that moment I had been diagnosed with a reading problem at school… it used to take me ages to read anything. I read this book in 2 days. To say it changed my life is an understatement. This book speaks to the outcast, the trailblazer, the misfit and the wild woman in us all. After reading this and taking it for a How-To Guide, I vowed to start a band and follow in Courtney’s footsteps. Her approach to life, especially in her formative years is inspiring. She uses the Law of Attraction (whether knowingly or otherwise) to manifest world fame and success on a global scale, from somewhat humble-if unique beginnings on the hippie tail and in foster care.

Expertly written by Horror fiction writer Poppy Z Brite, known for her beautifully worded gothic vampire novels and short stories, this combined with Courtney Love’s compelling story of overcoming some amazing challenges to triumph on the world stage of super rock stardom is something to behold. It’s a masterpiece. Do you learn the real story? Well that’s much up for debate. But there are some incredible details and memories shared from Courtney’s past (including her teenage journal entries), providing inspiration and insight to one of the most famous women in rock that the world has ever seen. Perhaps the mythology propogated partly by this book is an essential part of that. Enjoy.

You can pick up your copy of Courtney Love: The Real Story by Poppy Z Brite on Amazon UK now at ridiculous bargain prices second hand (Prices start at 0.01p plus postage.) Or you can splash out on a new copy, which is a collector’s item and is priced accordingly now (Priced around £45.27.)

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