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My favourite band in the world since Hole and Nirvana are Skating Polly and if you like the former, you’re sure to love the latter! Hailing from Oklahoma, USA and relocated to the birth place of Riot Grrrl Tacoma in Washington State, these grrrls know how to rock. They have been touring with every big name in Nineties Alternative, Grunge and Riot Grrrl on thier reunion tours, bringing a new generation of grunge-infused ‘Ugly Pop’ to established fans of the genre, while moving it forward with their refreshing new take on the sound. I had the pleasure of interviewing them and reviewing them live on several occasions and all the big names are clamouring to work with them. So it should have come as no surprise that Louise Post and Nina Gordon formerly of 90s riot grrrl band Veruca Salt would end up writing songs with them for this very special EP record entitled New Trick. I have a signed copy which I bought from the band on tour and treasure. The incredible use of vocal harmony is what stands out on this record- something that both Veruca Salt and Skating Polly excell at and their combined forces on New Trick are nothing short of inspired. Read the GrrrlsWithGuitars lead track ‘Hail Mary’ review from New Trick – Skating Polly & Louise Post & Nina Gordon here!

“There’s a difficult to describe yet timeless quality to certain songs that transcends genre or era. It’s something that you can’t fake or contrive and it’s what lies at the core of Skating Polly’s music. The duo of guitarist/vocalist Kelli Mayo and drummer Peyton Bighorse formed in Oklahoma in 2009 when Mayo’s father began dating Bighorse’s mother and the duo started writing music together on instruments they inherited from their parents. They recorded their debut album Taking Over The World in 2010 and instantly achieved acclaim from underground music icons like X’s Exene Cervenka (who produced 2013’s Lost Wonderfuls and Beat Happening’s Calvin Johnson (2014’s Fuzz Steliacoom.) After the release of 2016’s The Big Fit, the group realized another one of their musical dreams when Veruca Salt’s co-frontwomen Louise Post and Nina Gordon reached out and said they wanted to work with the band. Writing with the alternative icons went so well that the foursome decided to fully flush out the song they had worked on as well as a couple of new tracks and the end result is the three-song New Trick EP. “Everything just came together the best way we could possibly imagine,” Mayo recalls. “Nina and Louise really helped us step outside of our usual way of doing things and suddenly we were breaking all of these songwriting rules that we didn’t even know that we had. Produced and mixed by Brad Wood (Liz Phair, Sunny Day Real Estate) the result is a fully formed collection of songs.” Available now on CD with instant MP3 Download included, also on vinyl from Amazon UK.

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