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Buy Daisy Rock Pixie Guitar, electro-Acoustic Guitar!

I personally own this guitar and I absolutely love it! I decided that I needed an acoustic guitar to upgrade from my battered travel/children’s acoustic. I was playing a lot of open mic nights at the time so it made sense to get an Electro-Acoustic so that I had the option of plugging it in and amplifying it as well as just playing it as a normal acoustic guitar. I shopped around and totally forgot about Daisy Rock as a potential brand to explore, even though I had one of their electric guitars (the Startust Elite) which I loved. I guess I forgot that they made acoustic guitars and electric-acoustic ones as well! So I shopped around the usual regular brands (generally designed with men in mind) and didn’t find anything that met my criteria. I wanted a small narrow neck for my little hands. Plus I want all my guitars to be pretty and stylish and didn’t really like the look of any I came across. When the penny finally dropped and I remembered to check out Daisy Rock, I was totally delighted by the Pixie. Unfortunately yet again, I could not find any retail stockists where I would go and test one out and had to take a leap of faith on buying it online. And I am so glad I did! Even though I see myself as more of an electric guitar playing guitarist, with a love of distortion pedals, I have come to totally favour my Daisy Rock Pixie electric-acoustic guitar! I love playing it with effects as well such as reverb which sounds absolutely beautiful on it! The tone is exceptional. I took this guitar to my guitar guy and got it set up. He lowered the action for me, making it easier to play. This means that he adjusted the bridge for me so that the strings are closer to the fret board and this means it can be played with less pressure needed to hold down strings and play chords or notes. I recommend doing this or having this done by a professional to make playing guitar easier and more comfortable. You can also do finger exercises to strengthen your fingers which also helps with this.

“The Pixie Acoustic/Electric guitar is a full scale instrument designed especially for girls. This beautiful guitar is lightweight and it sounds great! It features Daisy Rock’s trademark “Slim & Narrow” neck which makes it easier for girls with smaller hands to play. The Pixie Acoustic/Electric guitar highlights innate femininity, uncompromised quality, and even has a built-in electronic tuner for your convenience. This guitar produces a rich tone, and its slightly smaller sized body fits girls just right. It also includes a Daisy custom piezo preamp/pickup system so you can plug into an amp, crank it up, and rock the stage! All Daisy Rock guitars arrive set up, ready to play, and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. What are you waiting for-get your Pixie Acoustic/Electric guitar today and start finding endless ways to express your own musical muse!” From Amazon UK.

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