Wordwide Exclusive Premiere of LA Nova – ‘Tempest’ Video

Lauren Lakis aka LA Nova tells me:

I went through a LOT this year – the song ‘Tempest’ was written at the start of a relationship that deeply impacted me, I was falling in love for the first time, and I created the video for the song right after that relationship ended. It was like book ends, very cathartic. For me, pain is the greatest motivator to create as an artist, but I’m making it a point to change that, and draw inspiration from the things that bring me joy instead of heartache. My goal is to give to the world what I needed most when I was struggling; music that makes me feel like maybe I’m not alone.

The song ‘Tempest’ comes from LA Nova’s latest EP entitled Wasteland that came out this year. It’s a song that encapsulates ethereal beauty, wistfulness and tribal style chanting. It’s euphoric and creepy refrain “I hear the sun calling your name” coupled with the spell-casting visuals of the video makes for an intriguing watching and listening experience. There’s magic and release. The dusk of a relationship and the fading daylight on a beach as Lauren bleeds it out, suffering only as much as she will allow. Lakis tells me she was influenced as much by Ayahuasca ceremony as she was by riot grrrl musicians of the Nineties, plus Courtney Love and Kat Bjelland. More recent influences such as Grimes can be clearly heard here. The sound is so beautifully epic that it needs vast open spaces to hold it. And you get the sense that she is being held in sacred space on the beach as she works out the emotion of her ending relationship.

The single ‘Tempest’ by LA Nova is available to buy from Amazon now!


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