Worldwide Premiere of Boxtape – ‘Fancy Objects’ Video

‘Fancy Objects’ is the debut single from Horsham based indie folk duo Boxtape. The sound is glorious. A beautiful voice and textured guitars, what more do you need? Lush vocal layers echo out of the speakers with reverb and delay tinged guitars playing to each other, as Kat Ward plays and sings to Keiren Johnstone who plays back. At one point the song takes an unexpected turn as Johnstone riffs away into some sort of Country hard rock noodling dreamscape. I’ve never heard anything quite like it in style. The song peaks and then it’s back to the hook of the chorus. “This is the chorus of a stupid song / Designed to make you dance and sing along / Who cares if it’s just three chords? / You’ve heard this three times already I hope you’re not getting bored.” It’s a post modern deconstructed song that sings out the running commentary on what is happening in the song as it transpires.

The video is beautiful. It sees Boxtape playing their guitars in a vintage shop amongst the record section and unusual objects. It’s like a Wes Anderson music video and he’s my favourite director.

Boxtape describe themselves as:

The XX & Daughter making love to a Lexicon reverb while playing acoustic guitar.

They mix the silly with the serious, creating something truly unique and special in their lush space filled indie rock vein.

Boxtape – ‘Fancy Objects’ is available to buy now from the band’s bandcamp page.


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