Peach Club – ‘Mission Impossible’ (Single Review)

  • Peach Club - 'Mission Impossible' (Witchgirl Recordings)


Peach Club is a tidy Riot Grrrl band from Norwich, UK. I first heard of them a while ago and my friend Jason Butcher from UCan Studios in Sandbach put their Bitch Diaries cassette into my hand. Only trouble was, I don’t have a cassette player. But I was listening online and loving it. Now Peach Club are back with this brand new single ‘Mission Impossible’ which talks about being patronised in the music business and the impossible standards foisted upon women and girls in our society. “Then I had to be sexual to be noticed / But the thing is / Don’t be too slutty / You know they’ll never take you seriously / A sweet young girl / You don’t have a clue / What the music business is gonna do to you /Blah blah blah / I’m a man I know best /   A woman do well? Must have got it with sex!” The song deals with the unfair double standards placed on women. “When I started out yeah I was a guy / Good at everything didn’t need to try.”


Screeching scratchy guitars attack the pulsing dancing simple bassline and Katie Revell’s chatty vocals come in all sassy and attitude. “And I know as a girl things can be hard / You’re gonna have to work to get far” The drums echo the energy of the guitars as the cacophony builds. There’s an urgency to the sound and Revell’s vocals are captivating. She’s on point with her feminist lyrics and delivery. Discordant and jarring, the guitars and drums sound just as p*ssed off about the subject matter as the singer and intended audience. It’s a powerful combination. They are raw energy and edgy stream-of-consciousness lyricism, which I love. I play the song on repeat. Fans of garage punk and Bikini Kill will love this too.

Peach Club – ‘Mission Impossile’ is out now on Witchgirl Recordings available from Amazon.

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