Nova Twins – ‘Wave’ (Single Review)

  • Nova Twins - 'Wave'


You wouldn’t believe me, but this morning I have had the bassline from ‘Bassline B*tch’ by Nova Twins stuck in my head, reappearing in between other songs I am listening to. It got me wondering when Nova Twins are gonna bring out some more music. Their previous two singles have had left me craving more… which is pretty impressive for a band with only two videos in the public domain. And here it is on youtube just dropped five hours ago! Right when their basslines were cycling around my mind, satisfying me the way they do. It’s something in the sound. The fuzzy scuzzy bass, with an unmatched groove and upbeat danceable catchiness. And that’s before you even get to the kick ass vocals.

‘Wave’ starts off with Amy Love rapping-singing a cappella along with some ricocheting drums and handclaps, before Georgia South storms in with her big dirty bassline which is infectious. “Tell me what you’re gonna do about it?” challenges Love. The bass plays on electrifying the whole room. It sounds like a jet plane taking off or a bomber overhead, before the hook of the groove kicks back in. The energy this pair create is incendiary. They make their own brand of music that could loosely be described as Grime-Punk. But it’s kind of neither and extremely original and fresh. No one is more fierce. I just love them. If Nova Twins don’t get you wanting to pick up a bass, nothing will. I think Georgia South is my favourite bassist.

Nova Twins – ‘Wave’ is out now from Amazon.

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