Nova Twins – ‘Thelma and Louise’ (single Review)

I always get excited when Nova Twins release something. And this latest video and release lives up to expectations. ‘Thelma and Louise’ seems to be about female friendship and solidarity a lot like in the Hollywood film. “If we die it’s an honour / Hunt them down / Got the whole world on us” rap-sings Amy Love in her customary beautiful raw attitude-laden voice. The use of the word “honour” reminds me of honour killings and the song certainly feels like it’s about the female experience rather than a genderless universal one. As usual though, Nova Twins sound like they are standing together tall and proud and taking on the world, using a combination of charm, front and sonic force.
The video sees a girl gang parade through streets of urban blocks looking tough af and stylish as hell. Nova Twins lead the way of course.
I can’t find much information online about this release and I am not yet on the Nova Twins’ PR’s mailing list, so I will leave it there and let the video speak for itself. Turn it up and enjoy.

You can stream ‘Thelma and Louise’ by Nova Twins on Spotify now.

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