MeMe Detroit – ‘How She Runs’ (SoulRock Central)

  • MeMe Detroit - 'How She Runs' (SoulRock Central)

Today seems to be MeMe Detroit day over on my twitter (@grrrlswithguita) with many fans tweeting me that she is their favourite guitarist. It’s a question I ask my followers a lot. Their responses are often unexpected or inspired and today’s yield is no different. This single ‘How She Runs’ is officially out tomorrow (28th July 2017) and you can tell that MeMe and her band are excited about the launch.

The song itself is a refreshing retelling of some key ingredients and influences, most notably Blondie and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but with a Millennial whoop thrown in for good measure. This is not derivative music by any stretch of the imagination. It reminds me of some past favourite track of mine that’s on the tip of my tongue… wish I could remember it for you. The bassline is BØRNS and the guitar is Pixies. Oh yeah, it reminds me a little of Cold War Kids as well. But I’m that’s not the track that’s rattling around at the back of my mind refusing to make it’s way into my conscious awareness right now.

I contacted MeMe via her facebook music page to ask her who inspired her to pick up a guitar in the first place:

I’d probably have to say, growing up hearing Jonny Greenwood’s guitar playing is what inspired me the most.



‘How She Runs’ by MeMe Detroit is out 28th July 2017 and is released by SoulRock Central.


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