Lauren Lakis’ Solo Debut of Lo Fi Riot Grrrl Grunge

It would be so easy to compare the latest track from Lauren Lakis to every grungey Shoegaze outfit that has ever come before her, but that would be the biggest insult I could possible give to her melodically raw ensemble of perfectly level Lo Fi alt rock offered through her latest single.

The crashing waves of reverberation ride over the punchy distortion of the chord progressions, then there’s her, the quiescently dominant vocals which don’t bleed into the track in a way that is archetypal of the Shoegaze genre, instead they sit poignantly above the mix offering a holistically piercing aura which creeps through you.

Call me jaded, but it takes a lot to move me and I was caught up in the rhythmic tide with this one before the first verse even ran through. If there was ever a track that could unite Shoegaze, Lo Fi & Post Punk fans, I’d say it’s Lauren Lakis’ stunning solo offering with Lead Us On. Her creeping ethereal prowess pours into the track through her charisma which offers an almost catatonic offering of catharsis.


Lauren’s unapologetic approach to lyricism is something that all feminist & Riot Grrrl musicians should take note of. It’s often said that the female-fronted scene is rather apologist. Hearing her approach was quite literally a breath of fresh air. The cocktail of genres laced into the sound serve as an offering of aural defiance to construction and expectation. Throw the lyrics into the mix which were pensively penned after a personal experience with grief and you’ve got a track that offers an arresting array of resonance.

You should be sold by now, right?

So, go & check Lead Us On out for yourselves via SoundCloud or Spotify now. Her debut full-length solo album FEROCIOUS is due for release from June 22nd via Cavity Search Records. 

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