Not Enough Women on Festival Stages, How does K-Fest’s Line Up Shape Up?

I was recently invited to check out launch for K-Fest 2018; a festival which provides a platform for some of Ireland’s emerging artists. To say I was blown away is probably the understatement of the century as each of the 5 acts took to the stage and provided their own brand of blinding talent. Included in the line up was the Garage Punk Duo Vulpynes & the 19-year-old powerhouse of talent ROE.  I made no bones about coming to the decision that these fantastic women absolutely stole the show after witnessing their almost unfathomable talent.

After meeting the festival organiser Tim Clifford and ROE’s manager Liam Craig it became evident in Ireland they do things a little differently over in the Emerald Isle. Female artists weren’t treated as a novelty or a niche as they are in my wonderfully misogynistic hometown of Manchester.  We may have to wait until 2020 to see gender equality on UK festival line ups after 45 festivals made the pledge. But in Ireland there has been no conscious effort made, they simply just respect the talent of their female musicians which are no longer restricted to a self-apologist scene.

Since UK festivals are on the hunt for female talent, there are no two artists than I can recommend more that Vulpynes and ROE.



Vulpynes are a Garage Punk duo that simply cannot be compared to any Riot Grrrl out there today. Maeve (vocals & guitar) & Kaz (Drums) create one of the most savage cacophonies of sound I’ve ever witnessed line. Kaz leaves no room for requirement of a bass player with her relentlessly tight drum rolls which crash under Maeve’s filthy yet soaringly beautiful vocals and grindingly angular guitar riffs. Vulpynes could teach Sonic Youth a thing or two about reverb. GWG have been following their success and celebrating their talent throughout their career, as they’ve recently signed to Headcheck Records, I can only imagine that this is only the beginning for Kaz & Maeve. Stay up to date with the band & their new releases on Facebook.

You can also catch Vulpynes latest releases on Amazon UK.




ROE isn’t just a girl with a guitar, she’s a girl with a guitar, synthesiser, drum machine, and one hell of an ethereally haunting voice. It was my absolute pleasure to meet her and see just how humble she was about her stunning multi-instrumentalist abilities which frankly makes the rest of us look lazy. She creates a distinct aural alchemy through her Electro Pop anthemic hits that simply can’t be ignored. She’s already brought her sound to Glastonbury in 2017, I’m ridiculously excited to see what 2018 brings ROE through her iridescently blinding ability to create rhythm-soaked Electro Pop. Her latest single Wasted.Patient.Thinking is an infectiously synthy upbeat showcase of her staggering talent, which you should all probably check out now.

Go tell ROE how fabulous she is on Facebook and check out her music on Amazon.

The K-Fest Launch night in Dublin was only the beginning. The festival will take place over June Bank Holiday 2018 in Kerry. The festival will feature ROE & Vulpynes along with a whole host of other musicians, artists, poets, comedians and more. For more information head over to K-Fest’s official website.

Amelia Vandergast, 2018 

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