Introducing: Violet Spinks of BOYS

I put the shout out on twitter (@grrrlswithguita) again for more female musicians who wanted to be featured in this blog. And yet another gem has presented herself! So let me introduce to you Violet Spinks aka bass player with “four piece alternative band from London looking to take over the world”, the ever-so-hard-to-google BOYS.

I had a listen to their latest single entitled ‘Not A Love Song (I Promise)’ and caught up with Violet about what inspires her as a musician.

GRRRLSWITHGUITARS: What is your role in the band?

Violet Spinks: My name is Violet and I am the bassist and backing vocalist in BOYS!

GRRRLSWITHGUITARS: What is your manifesto?

Violet Spinks: There are way more popular boy bands than girl bands- like the imbalance is ridiculous. We want to promote inclusivity and girl power. There shouldn’t be a division between genders in the industry, why should guys be taken more seriously than us girls? We want to show that if we can get behind our instruments, then anyone can! It doesnt matter your skill level, or how you look, or even if you pull a weird face whilst playing (Ive got a bad case off bass face myself…) anyone can do anything.

GRRRLSWITHGUITARS: Who are your influences? 

Violet Spinks: In my opinion there is nothing better than an all girl band. I love supporting small girl bands like Doll Skin and The Regrettes. I kind of feel like I live vicariously through them and feel triumphant when they achieve. On top of that I am really into acts like Paramore, Relient K, Anarbor, Bastille and recently I’ve had a weird phase where I only listened to Lou Reed and The Beatles. I go through phases with my music, if you talk to me again next week you’ll get a completely different list of artists! It seems like through BOYS music we aren’t as influenced by what we listen to, but more by what we hear that inspires and impresses us. We do have a few funky bass lines, definitely influenced by Foals and Earth Wind and Fire, but otherwise it’s quite hard to pinpoint where everything came from.

GRRRLSWITHGUITARS: Who or what inspired you to start playing music?

Violet Spinks: Honestly, I never saw someone and said to myself “yes, that is what I want to do”, which is a bit odd. I just kind of thought that it would be more fitting to me than electric guitar (which I played before I started bass). I know that as I grew into my instrument I saw people like Dallon Weekes and Lynz Way and was infatuated by their presence. They made playing bass look so cool!

GRRRLSWITHGUITARS: Who if anyone do you look up to right now?

Violet Spinks: I think the person who has always been my staple for inspiration has been Hayley Williams from Paramore. She’s just so cool! She does what she wants and looks how she wants and has inspired me ridiculous amounts. On top of that I think that Gwen Stefani will always be an icon for me. In the 90s she was such a trend setter, and when she performed live she was like a bolt of lightning! She has such energy…


Enjoy the single ‘Not A Love Song (I Promise)’ – BOYS Out Now!





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