“getting into music wasn’t ever a decision really” Introducing: Katie MF

Katie MF is a singer songwriter of the Alt-folk/punk persuasion from London, UK. Her music is duly political and melodic. Every once in a while I put out a shout-out on twitter (follow @grrrlswithguita) for female musicians to get involved in the blog. Katie MF was one such discovery. Here she talks to grrrlswithguitars about her guitar playing journey so far:

GRRRLSWITHGUITARS: Can you tell me a bit about yourself? Like what got you into music? What your biggest achievement in music has been? What style of guitarist you are? Who or what inspired you to pick up a guitar?

KATIE MF: Sure! So getting into music wasn’t ever a decision really, it was a given. I grew up in a very musical household, on the likes of Blondie, Joni Mitchell, the Stones, Janis Joplin, picked up a guitar when I was 10 and started playing in bands a year later (with my dad, who later told me that he used to turn my volume all the way down on the mixer – unbelievable). I always loved music’s ability to transport you to a different plane – going to gigs for me is as close to religious experience as I’ll ever get – and as I’ve got older I’ve looked more and more to the power behind it too. I write punk/folk songs about things that matter to me – relationships, politics, society, being in the pub with my best mates, and play them acoustically on my takamine, but hard enough to come away with bleeding fingers most gigs!

KATIE MF: As I say, I can’t trace the inspiration behind picking it up for the first time, but since my late teens I’ve wanted to emulate the passion and intensity of people like Frank Turner, Melissa Ferrick, Bruce Springsteen (of course) and Laura Jane Grace. So I’m not a flamboyant solo kinda girl (although I have my moments), for me it’s more about setting a platform for the beat and the melody, then getting people to dance and sing all night. In my quieter guise I look to Ani DiFranco, Ruth Theodore and Foy Vance, and go for some fairly country style finger picking (I’ve never been able to master Ani’s jazz tuning or percussive style, sadly.)

For more info and music from Katie MF go to katiemf.com

*Photography by Gerry Alexis

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