Interview With A Riot Grrrl: Lilith Ai

I first came across London based Lilith Ai due to her work creating the FIGHT LIKE A GIRL collective. It is a group on facebook that spawned a tour, a mixtape, and a publication of feminist music and art. Hannah Golightly caught up with her to get to grips with this original artist’s profile:

HG: What genre would you say your music is?

Lilith Ai: Whenever I’m uploading a tune and I gotta choose from one of the music categories my heart kind of skips a beat- because  on one hand the story telling way I write songs is definitely folk but then it is so not how I package it, in terms of producing a track. I like electronic sounds, loads of sax, so jazz; weirdo guitar noise, [it’s] pretty indie. Then tone of my voice and my life experience are soul and blues. Also sometimes I rap and chat in a tune, and that’s hip-hop and reggae …my attitude is punk in a lot of ways also… I’m never sure what exactly I’m doing but it comes from my heart and I fucking love it.;)

HG: Is Lilith Ai a band name or a solo artist name?

LA: Lilith Ai is my name. Most of the time I play solo, but also I do shows with my mate Johnny FK and i’m looking for a 3rd member to play with us next year.

HG: What inspires you?

LA: The struggles of life, you know. trying to see a little sunlight in the gray skies, trying not to drown in this sea of piss.

HG: What’s your riot grrrl manifesto if you have one?

LA: Stay loud, stay proud and don’t let anyone push you around.

Thank you Lilith Ai for taking the time to talk to us. We look forward to hearing more from you and your music in the future.


Lilith Ai’s EP Riot can be bought from Amazon.

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