EP Review: Blush – Hello There

I just discovered the band Hello There via Loud Women on twitter. The first thing I loved about them is their name, which I tweeted them to tell them about. Next up, prompted by their cute EP sleeve artwork and slacker looking band photo, I decided to explore their bandcamp. And thank God I did! Although the production is lo-fi with the vocals a little quiet in the mix, it’s nothing a pair of decent headphones couldn’t solve. Now on with the music!

First up is the two minute masterpiece in grrrl fronted garage rock- the grungy ‘Queen of Nothing.’ It begins with white noise and I love it instantly. I’m gazing upon the sleeve art, feeling inspired to start painting again while I listen to it, wanting to bounce on my bed and dance around like they do in films. It’s over too soon, leaving me wanting more. Next kicks in the surfy guitars and chanting drums, with pretty punk vocals. The song is called ‘Red’ and I can’t make out any of the lyrics. It lasts about a minute, but it’s a minute of pure joy. ‘Over The Edge’ is catchy AF and also over too soon. After this we have the more ska sounding ‘Silly Girl’- this band is willing to touch many bases within the punk genre. The song degenerates into Warpaint style ethereal vocal layers, before building back up “don’t stop don’t stop now / Silly little silly little girl.” It ends with a bang. ‘Pine For Me’ has caveman drumming and a more B52s vibe. “I hope you pine for me” she shout-sings and it’s unexpectedly euphoric when combined with the music. EP closer ‘Lullaby’ is anything but, with it’s shrieking guitars and “no no no” refrain. “Open up your eyes” is chanted over and over as the song builds up and the guitars and drums take over. It gets me in the belly and I love it. The song ends as it began with the chiming sounds of a wind up vintage children’s music box. Short but sweet and packing a punch.

Blush by Hello There is available to buy here.

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