deux furieuses – ‘Time To Mourn/From Fear To Fury’ (Single Review)

  • deux furieuses - 'Time To Mourn/From Fear To Fury'

Under the backdrop of a culture of rising intolerance and xenophobia 10pdm CD DVD Walletin the West, deux furieuses have released the song ‘Time To Mourn/From Fear To Fury.’ The song tells the story of a refugee who reluctantly leaves behind his country of origin to flee a war and ends up in an unwelcoming country. The UK media have done a good job of creating this climate of intolerance and deux furieuses are taking them on. With their combined heritage being that of Irish/Scottish and Greek immigrants living in London, the band feel strongly that their “music stands against the growing tide of suspicion and intolerance. We hope our immigrant song helps make a difference.” deux furieuses are donating all the proceeds from the song to grass roots charity Phone Credit For Refugees And Displaced People, who as their name suggests, help refugees stay in contact with their relatives or call for help in emergency situations which they face daily on their quest for safety and stability.

The song begins with tender melodic guitar and a thudding drumbeat. Ros Cairney’s voice reminds me of Skin from Skunk Anansie. “I was a young man / I didn’t want to leave / I took my prayer beads / And my mother’s ring.” sums it up really. With these small details Ros conveys the grief of losing a mother to war- a pain that few things could compare to. It moves me to tears on the second listen. “There is no time to mourn” because he’s fleeing a war and arriving in a new country alone with nothing. The first half of the song sets the scene, tells the story of how this poor man may not even have the strength to start again. Pianos chime in… the song halts a moment. Then ferocious drums arrive as if by train getting nearer and nearer, louder and louder and the vocals sing out a siren call. Part two of the song expresses the confusion and disorientation, the arrival in a foreign hostile land and that land is the UK. It’s the sound of PTSD expertly expressed and emotive as hell. Literally. Jarring violins play the song out. And I haven’t even begun to mention the video… which as you can see above, creates a powerful image to accompany this powerful moving song. While they were filming it with director Dan Donovan, actor Nenad Kostadinovski was verbally abused by a passer by, who mistook him for the character he was playing and some of the footage made it into the final cut of the video. It’s a testimony to the times we are living through right now.10pdm CD DVD Wallet

‘Time To Mourn/From Fear To Fury’ is taken from the album Tracks of Wire by deux furieuses.

deux furieuses are playing Brixton Jamm in London on 9th March with God Damn and Horsefight followed by the LOUD WOMEN Volume 1 launch party at the Sound Lounge on 18th March.

deux furieuses – ‘Time To Mourn/From Fear To Fury’ is available to buy here and all proceeds from the single will be donated to the grass roots charity Phone Credit for Refugees and Displaced People.


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