Cosmic Kitten – Lobotomy: High-Octane Nineties Riot Grrrl Nostalgia

I should preface this review by stating that I’ve never written a review for anything before in my
life that wasn’t food-related, so please bear with me. Back in 2016, I was navigating through Bandcamp in order to find anything Skating Polly related. One thing that caught my attention was a cover of Blue Obvious by a band I had never heard of in my entire life. This was the very first time I had heard anyone covering Skating Polly,
seeing as they were a somewhat newer band at the time themselves -thus began my love affair with Cosmic Kitten, but strictly in a platonic way.

Their first album Apollo was a fine introduction to the then-three-piece band from Downey, California (currently
consisting of Karen Hernandez and Zach Huckabee, with Dylan Falcon occasionally on bass). Apollo
was a lot more acoustic, but influences from the 90s, primarily grunge, could still be found. Then came last year’s sophomore album, Be Nice To Strangers, which took absolutely everything they learned from creating Apollo and took it up 10,000 notches. It was heavier than before and felt like this is what they wanted to make all along, using Apollo as a toe to dip in the grungy water.They also have a cover album they’re still adding to, Jeeli Beeli, which also debuted last year. You should check it out if you like covers, which everyone does. Then just last month, we were graced with yet another album, Lobotomy, which feels like an attempt to blow the previous album out of the water as if their lives depended on it.

The following is a breakdown of every song; not that I’m a musician any sort of expert on music genres:

1) White Dove: Elements of Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and Soundgarden can be heard
almost right away. The best choice for an introductory song. This micro-critique should brace
you for the other overly-concise comments to follow.
2) Untitled, Unheard: This has elements of Nirvana and riot grrl. Hairy Ape’s louder younger
sister. This is tied for my favourite song on the album.
3) Kit & Kaboodle: A grungy real-life tale of loss. Oh, Lisaaaaaaaa….
4) Yellow Button: Nirvana meets The Breeders. Also the Cosmic Kitten’s unofficial anthem. I’ve
listened to this song approximately a centillion times, as this was their single they released prior
to the whole album coming out. I’ve heard it so many times that when it ends I just assume it’s
going to start up again. This song has brainwashed me.
5) Hot Stuff: If The Kinks and Devo fused together and made music in the 90s. Danceable. So
danceable in fact that even Karen can be seen dancing in the music video.
6) Pavement: I can’t really explain it, but this has a very distinct Cosmic Kitten-y vibe to it.
“Beautiful and crazy” definitely seem like lyrics that you would hear in the 90s, and the 90s is
where many of their influences reside.
7) Devil’s Going To Catch You: This also has that inexplicable Cosmic Kitten sound to it. Or
maybe it is explicable but I just suck. Either way, very nice.
8) 16 Ages: On the surface, this seems like an upbeat youthful anthem, but I’m sure there’s
some hidden message my primitive brain can’t fathom. This is the other favourite song of mine.
9) Saving Face: The slowest and most mellow track on the album. This could have easily ended
the album complementing White Dove’s opening status.
10) Muddy: The darkest track on this album, or should I say muddiest? No, no I shouldn’t. Hairy
Ape’s brooding younger sister.
11) Night Goat: An excellent cover of a Melvin’s classic. Actually, I’ve never heard the original,
nor do I know if it’s a classic or not, but this is just great, so I’m assuming yes.

You can check out whether I’m lying or not by heading over to Bandcamp and checking out their latest album released 04-27-18 now. Head on over to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube for more from Cosmic Kitten.Cosmic_Kitten_Riot_Grrrl

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