Argonaut – Forever Album Review: DIY Punk at Its Fiercest

  • Argonaut - Forever

Everyone knows that Punk didn’t really happen until the female Punk musicians sank their teeth into the genre. Argonaut is a contemporary DIY Punk band that don’t just assimilate that iconic sound they bring the Riot Grrrl veracity into a whole new arena with a little added bite.

The London, UK based band have recently released their latest album Forever, each of the 12 tracks are as ferociously uplifting as the last. The album opens to Zero Said which greets you with an attack from the iconic tight drum rolls that define Punk; as previously perfected by Lori Barbero from Babes in Toyland. After hearing the first track, I knew that their album would be an anthemic masterpiece, but I could never have anticipated the astounding versatility from the almost sickeningly talented artists. Tracks such as The Party ring with a beautiful Lo Fi sound that pertains a reminiscence to some of my favourite Alt 90’s bands such as Sonic Youth, The Pixies & Nada Surf.

Lorna’s vocals are clear cut and cunningly mesmerising throughout the entire duration of the album which was recorded live at Bally Studios in London with a little help from their sound mechanic Dotan Cohen, who helped polished the Argonauts already squeaky-clean sound. The album is a mix of brand new tracks and some new renditions of their live favourites that their fans go crazy for. After hearing the powerhouse of talent which is Argonaut, seeing them play live is definitely going on my Riot Grrrl bucket list! They’re definitely not a band to be missed out on with their raw, captivating sound that allows the band to set themselves apart from the plastic acts swamping the punk scene today with their overly dubbed and manipulated sounds. Although it has to be said; guitarist Nathan’s penchant for effects pedals definitely pays off in tracks such as Titanic Sinks which creates such a resonance I’d almost be forgiven for thinking I was listening to a My Bloody Valentine track. Guitarist & synth sensation Abby & Joules on bass complete the rich cacophony of sound that Argonaut have created with their latest album.

In their admirably DIY Punk fashion, Argonaut has only released their latest album Forever as a hand finished CD, you can grab your limited edition numbered copy from former Argonaut Bassist, Paul Saiya’s independent record shop here.
I wouldn’t hang around in grabbing yourself a copy, only 100 of these were produced!

Their debut record ‘Argonaut’ by Argonaut is available now from

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