9 Reasons Why I Need To Own 9 Guitars

“Nine guitars?!” I hear you say. “Why does anyone need nine guitars?” Well I will tell you…

  1. Reason One: Sentimental reasons. You see it all started back when I was 16 years old. I got a guitar for Christmas from my parents after I had become obsessed with Nirvana and Hole. Up until I saw Courtney Love playing guitar, it hadn’t occurred to me that girls could do that. Kurt Cobain made it look easy too. I wanted to be them. My uncle is a well respected Jazz musician and classical guitar teacher. My parents asked him what they should get me. He chose a Fender Squire Stratocaster in sunburst. Being a teenage punk, I wasted no time in plastering a NO MORE BULLSH**T sticker on it that I’d bought in Camden. I could barely play ‘About A Girl’ – a two chord song by Nirvana, but it felt like the coolest most punk rock thing to me at the time. I was a grrrl with a guitar. I rarely play this guitar but it’s very special to me for sentimental reasons.
  2. Reason Two: Because I can’t live without playing guitar. The next one I’ll tell you about is my battered beaten up Sixties children’s acoustic guitar. I rescued it from going in a skip once upon a time. Thought it would make good wall art. It was a mess. I was about to go traveling to Greece when I realised I couldn’t go more than a day without playing guitar. So I took it to a Czech hippie down Aigburth Road in Liverpool and he fixed it for me. It’s got all these faded margarine stickers on it and it’s scuffed up and tattered. But I love it. We’ve travelled together. We’ve been through a lot. I deffo feel attached to my guitars. And this one fits in the overhead compartment on a plane.
  3. Reason Three: Because I was given one as a gift. Back when I was drumming in bands in Manchester and Liverpool I started once again becoming interested in playing guitar after a break of a few years. My brother had borrowed my first guitar, the Fender Squire Stratocaster in sunburst and he was away so I couldn’t get it back. So my dear friend Jane gave me her Fender Squire Stratocaster in white on “extended loan”… I still have it. She technically owns it still, but seems in no rush to retrieve it. I wrote my first album on this guitar and added red heart gem stones to it as decoration.
  4. Reason Four: Because I couldn’t afford my dream guitar yet. The next guitar I bought was a Hamer XT Series Sunburst A/T. I had decided I wanted a guitar with a narrow neck for my small hands. I also decided I wanted “any colour as long as it’s not black!” It was black. But it played like a dream and sounded good. It was a lot like the Daisy Rock Stardust Elite that I had my heart set on, but couldn’t afford or find second hand. Naturally, I covered it in glitter and gem stones to hide it’s Guinness colour scheme.
  5. Reason Five: Because dreams come true! I was going through a tough time and needed cheering up and lo and behold, I found my dream guitar on ebay for less than it’s normal price- an ex-display model in USA where an uncle of mine lived. When this guitar arrived it really felt like a dream come true. It’s one of the most beautiful guitars I have ever seen and it plays like a dream. It’s the Daisy Rock Stardust Elite. (See main photo)
  6. Reason Six: Because everyone needs an electro-acoustic. I had been playing an unplugged open mic in my home town of Chester at a place called Harvest Moon. I cut my teeth on solo live performances without my distortion pedals and without any amplification. I played my baby travel guitar and it sounds pretty awful. I realised it was time to step it up and get an acoustic guitar that I could plug in to play bigger open mics with and actually sound good not just look cute and bohemian. I got the Daisy Rock Pixie and I have never looked back.
  7. Reason Seven: Because I needed to play some bass. Yes, I am no bassist, but I like to think of myself as a multi-instrumentalist and a self-taught one at that. So as a singer songwriter, the time came where I needed to record some basslines for my solo recordings and demos. I was exploring the idea of being a One Woman All Girl Band at the time. I wanted to record myself on all instruments to create a backing track to play and sing along to live. So I borrowed a bass from my friend Robert. A Fender P bass in red. It is massive and I am short.
  8. Reason Eight: Because it’s a pink bass and it’s short-scale. Having limited success with the large Fender P bass, I decided that I wanted a smaller one and to own one, not just borrow it. I also am unashamedly into pink guitars and pretty guitars and stuff. I initially asked my local music shop if they had any short-scale pretty bass guitars and they said no. I went in and there it was. Exactly what I wanted and very very cheap. They said they “didn’t think that counted as a bass.” It plays fine and I love it. ‘Real’ bass or not. It’s called a Gypsy Rose.
  9. Reason Nine: Because my singing teacher said I needed a semi-acoustic. Apparently it’s more tuneful so it will help with my singing when I am not playing my electro-acoustic guitar. As luck would have it, I found this one at a so-cheap-I-couldn’t-leave-it-in-the-shop price secondhand. This is rare because even though it was filled with cat hair and covered in dust, this guitar is actually worth quite a bit of money. It’s a Daisy Rock Retro-H in moonshine iridescent blue with f holes.


And you know what? I’m probably going to need more!

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